Stolbjerg Copenhagen designs sustainable accessories in high quality, uniting simplicity and functionality in aesthetic expression.
Stolbjerg Copenhagen is a slow fashion brand that designs across seasons and trends - a design made for generations.
Like many other families, we have a need for simplicity and high functionality in our everyday life – our items are therefore inspired hereby.
Our love for nature and its honest materials such as naturally dyed leather and organic cotton shines through in our products. Many of our products are handmade and Danish produced. Many of our styles are customized to make our design as unique as our customers.
“To be sustainable is for something to be able to continue over time. This is what we want for our family, business, design and for the environment”.

Stolbjerg Copenhagen entwirft nachhaltige Accessoires in hoher Qualität, die Einfachheit und Funktionalität in ästhetischem Ausdruck vereinen.
Stolbjerg Copenhagen ist eine Slow-Fashion-Marke, die saison- und trendübergreifend gestaltet - ein Design für Generationen.
Wie viele andere Familien haben wir ein Bedürfnis nach Einfachheit und hoher Funktionalität in unserem Alltag - unsere Artikel sind daher hiervon inspiriert.
Unsere Liebe zur Natur und ihren ehrlichen Materialien wie natürlich gefärbtem Leder und Bio-Baumwolle kommt in unseren Produkten zum Ausdruck. Viele unserer Produkte sind handgefertigt und werden in Dänemark hergestellt. Viele unserer Stücke sind maßgeschneidert, um unser Design so einzigartig wie unsere Kunden zu machen.
„Nachhaltig zu sein bedeutet, dass etwas im Laufe der Zeit Bestand haben kann. Das wollen wir für unsere Familie, unser Geschäft, unser Design und für die Umwelt. “


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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for Sale and Delivery

Stolbjerg Copenhagen ApS, hereinafter Stolbjerg.Cph called supplier, terms and conditions for sale and delivery are to apply for all orders, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The terms of sale and delivery are subject to amendment from time to time and without prior notice.

  1. Receipt of Order and Order Confirmation

The customer is entitled to cancel orders in a period of 7 days subsequent to the placement of the order. The supplier is entitled to reject any order if the costumer
´s credit rating is not satisfactory. All orders shall be subject to force majeure, a low level of inbound selling and raw material delivery failure. Placed orders shall be final only when the supplier has sent a written order confirmation. The supplier is entitled on each order to charge a small fee to cover administrative and management costs, unless otherwise expressly agreed. Fees detailed in section 8.

In case the customer wants to cancel a final order, the customer is required to pay the supplier a compensation of 75% of the order.

  1. Delivery Time, Delay, Arrears and Limitations of Liability

The supplier reserves the right to postpone the delivery date set out in the order confirmation up to 14 days. The supplier must notify the customer if such postponement becomes relevant. If the delay is due to circumstances that constitute force majeure, the delivery time is extended as long as the obstacle persists, see below.

If the supplier does not deliver within the given delivery time, the customer should in written demand delivery within a final (minimum 1 month) deadline. If no such notification is given, the supplier is entitled to deliver within a period of 3 months from the delivery time. If nothing delivered within this further deadline, the customer is entitled, by written notice to supplier, to cancel the agreement.

The supplier is entitled to choose to delay deliveries of an order or to cancel the order in case of non-payment of arrears.

In delay and customer´s cancellation, termination or objections the supplier is not liable (profit loss, stranded costs etc.) in any manner.

  1. Prices

The listed prices must also be subject to changes in customs duties and excise taxes of any kind and sudden exchange rate fluctuations. If the supplier wishes to invoke such changes, the customer shall be notified instantly.

  1. Invoice

Billing is done via e-mail when sending the order. The customer is responsible to provide the supplier with the correct e-mail address to which the invoice will be sent and any subsequent amendments thereto.

  1. Payment

Unless otherwise stated in writing, payments shall be due 8 days subsequent to the date of invoice.

  1. In Case of Delayed Payment

For late payment we reserve the right to add an interest of 0,70% per month assigned to the total amount starting on the due date of payment. The supplier is entitled to charge reminder fees for forwarding reminders that are sent under the Interest Act provision.

The supplier is entitled but not obligated to enter payment agreement with customer. The supplier reserves the right to charge the customer a fee for setting up payment agreements as well as a monthly fee for administration of the payment agreement.

When the purchase price is paid after the claim has been transferred to judicial recovery, the customer must pay all collection costs.

  1. Shipping and Handling Fee

Shipping and handling fee is calculated per packages and after the supplier´s and freight company's provisions. Existing freight rates may at any time be disclosed.

  1. Retention of Title

The delivered goods remain supplier's property until payment is paid in full. All costs associated with the enforcement of retention of title rests with the customer.

  1. Samples

All revealed samples are regarded as type samples and every information in sales catalogs etc are approximate. The customer must accept inconsistencies between the type-samples and supplies, provided that the overall impression of the delivery has not changed significantly compared to the type-sample.

  1. Complaints

Complaints that can be determined by an usual inspection of the delivery must take place within 7 days of receiving the delivery. Complaints of partial-delivery shall not entitle to cancel the remaining order. Complaints of non-visible defects must be made within 7 days after the defect could have been discovered. A claim must be submitted in writing and contain a precise indication of the defects and flaws. The supplier must approve the complaints before any goods can be returned. The supplier undertakes 3 months from the date of the delivery, to replace possible supplies that are affected by essential deficiencies. If the supplier can not replace materially defective goods, the customer is credited for the invoiced value of the defective goods. If the customer has not within this 3 month period relied on visible or non-visible defects in the delivery, the customer can not later claim lack of inadmissibility. If the supplier does not within a reasonable time replace defective deliveries, the customer in entitled to, within 6 months of the delivery date,

terminate the agreement in written in respect of the defective delivery. When excluding the return right, the customer can not claim breach of contract against the supplier. In delay and customer´s cancellation or objections the supplier is not liable (profit loss, stranded costs etc.) in any manner.

  1. Exemption from Liability (Force Majeure)

The following circumstances shall result in exemption from liability if they obstruct the fulfillment of the contract or make the fulfillment of same unreasonably burdensome: industrial dispute and any other circumstances which is beyond the parties´ control, such as fire, war, mobilization, requisition, confiscation, currency restrictions, revolt and civil unrest, natural disasters, strikes and lockouts, lack of transportation, plain item scarcity, fuel restrictions and shortcomings or delays in delivery from sub suppliers caused by any of the above circumstances. A party who wishes to invoke any exemption of liability must without delay in writing inform the other party of the occurrence and cessation of the situation. Both parties shall be entitled to cancel the contract free of charge, if one of the above mentioned circumstances continues to exist in a time period of 6 months.

  1. Use of Trademarks

The supplier´s trademark and figurative mark should be used only in a form and in a way that is previously accepted by the supplier. You may not remove or cover the marks on the delivered products.

  1. Sales Address

The products shall only, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the supplier, be sold at the business address stated in the order.

  1. Applicable Law and Venue Dispute

Any legal dispute is governed by the Danish law, with the exception of the current rules of international civil law. The International Sale Of Goods (CISG) shall not apply. Denmark is always agreed as the court of jurisdiction. The competent court shall be the District Court in Copenhagen as far as the customer is domiciled within the EU. If the customer is domiciled outside the EU, any dispute is to be solved by the Danish Arbitration or under the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) where the language of the arbitration will be Danish.