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Got Bag

Produkte: Nachhaltiges Reisegepäck aus Meeresplastik.

Create an Impact

About 9 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. As a german start-up, we crafted the world’s first backpack made of Ocean Plastic.

With the combined power of our network of fishermen, textile workers, designers, technicians and organisations and of course ocean lovers, we believe that changing the world for the better is possible. We believe in the united efforts of everyone who is involved to “Create an Impact” to our nature, people and our planet.

The raising amount of plastic waste in the oceans led two friends to take action in 2016: GOT BAG was founded by two friends that wanted to change something about the pollution of our oceans. What started out of a passionate motivation is now a dedication called GOT BAG. It’s time to act and the time is now!

Our Vision

We at GOT BAG are dedicated to raise awareness and reduce the progressive plastic pollution. Our network of fishermen catch Ocean Plastic in their net, which is processed by us to obtain a high-quality yarn and produce our backpacks in order to refinance all of our actions. Our goal is to free the oceans from a substantial amount of waste.

Our Approach

Fair and social working conditions are a basic requirement for us. . We are committed to transparent communication, fair corporation and production conditions. Our team member Max manages our own clean-up activities in Indonesia. He closely works with locals and arranges training sessions concerning waste management to create a positive change within their surroundings.

By focussing on our regenerative circulation system, we can sustainably conserve and promote our global resources and minimize the impact on our marine ecosystem.

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