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Cucada bootie with fringes, an attractive timeless model

Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020, 10:02 AM / Alicante, Spain

On this occasion we point out a model that makes us fall in love, like this flirty little bootie by Cucada, an attractive timeless model.

Although it is focused for the little girls in the house, its design is inspired by the fashion of their older sisters or moms.

This bootie has a great personality and strengthens any look with which we can dress girls.

Its fringes bring a very entertaining dynamism to the model, which makes it very alive at all times.

It is a tremendously versatile model, combinable with trousers, skirts or dresses, to show a very chic air always.

In addition, it has those timeless features that make it an essential basic in the wardrobe of our little ones.

Without a doubt, a model that does not leave indifferent and that is a perfect gift for those who do not forget a good detail.

This model, as we have seen before, is noticeable by its unique fringes.

The booties are made with leather of waterproofed bovine split, incorporating a full soft natural hair goat lining.

The fringes are made of split and a golden metallic leather.

One aspect to highlight in a bootie like this is its comfort, which is guaranteed by its microporous sole, very light, flexible and non-slip.

Important: They fit your actual size

Like all shoes manufactured in Eli 1957, they follow an artisanal elaboration process in Spain, with leathers and topquality materials.

An ideal shoe to give away.

These booties, in addition, favor a perfect development and an adequate evolution of the foot, favoring security and confidence in their first steps.

Product Groups: Footwear, Shoes
Markets: Children's, Women's

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