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Collaboration of Eli 1957 with youtubers Tremending Girls

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2020, 2:52 PM / Alicante, Spain

In this post we are going to tell you about Eli 1957's collaboration with the Tremending Girls youtubers.

The well-known YouTube brothers Lara (@ larukyna) and Niko (@ nikonauta), together with their mother, Violeta (@ violeta.tremending) have an interesting channel in this social network.

They have millions of views, as we can see by accessing their YouTube Channel (click here to access).

Lara, Niko and Violeta are a very funny family, who share their adventures through this and two other children's YouTube channels.

Their hallmark is the quality of all the content they produce.

They demonstrate it with the development of very funny scripts, with a Family Friendly approach and an extraordinary quality image in their postproduction.

Their audience highlight the love they show and their closeness to all fans.

Without a doubt, we attest to this, because they are great in every way.

The episode that resulted in our collaboration with Tremending Girls, took place last Christmas.

The script was really creative, since a character named Paquielfa carries a few gifts brought by Santa Claus.

She loses her gifts and Lara helps her recover them, after becoming Wonder Lara.

Throughout the episode, the shoes of Sibaritas are the protagonists of the story, highlighting various models of the season.

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