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Comfortable and safe footwear for the first steps of boys and girls at home

Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020, 8:32 AM / villena, Spain

In this post we are going to highlight important aspects about comfortable and safe footwear for the first steps of boys and girls at home.

With this strange situation of uncertainty and confinement at home, those of us with young children at home have a double responsibility.

If, in addition, they are at a key stage in their growth, such as the time to start taking their first steps or walking, the situation appears to be key in their future development.

On the positive side, staying at home (if this is possible), we can dedicate more time to them in these special times.

Obviously, it is a time one should not miss. Discovering how they go from crawling to taking their first steps is really a unique experience.

In order so that everything turns out as well as possible and their first steps are a success, we are going to comment on some small recommendations regarding their shoes.

Choose shoes that provide your kids with the highest level of balance and stability as possible.

As such, it is important that you look at its quality when it comes to the composition of footwear.

Good lasts, quality leathers, the interiors and the soles must meet all the necessary safety requirements to create autonomy for the little ones.

Good materials will undoubtedly provide the comfort and flexibility that this key time requires.

At Eli 1957 we are very aware of this, a fact that has been demonstrated for more than sixty years, and we are committed to optimal foot growth.

Specifically, our brand Cucada is specialized in this segment, providing all the exposed functional criteria.

In addition, without forgetting that a functionally perfect shoe can have a beautiful design, turning each model into a small work of art for the memories of the whole family.

Remember, take good care and # stayawarestaysafe.

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