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Get a free ticket to meet Bend-it at the fashion trade show in Amsterdam

Thursday, Jul 7, 2016, 12:25 PM / Amsterdam, Netherlands

PROSPECT is a special stage and part of the fashion trade show in Amsterdam. On this platform only a select group of innovative designers got selected to present their work. We are very proud that Bend-it is part of this special spot. If you are around then it would be really nice to meet you at our stand for a nice cup of tea or coffee and to be the first to see a few of our new models.

We have a few free tickets available for the people who will email us the quickest. So don't wait to long and let us know if you are planning to come.

Bend-it is designed by the two sisters Anke and Inge Kuipers. With Bend-it they succeeded to make one of their dreams into reality. They imagined shoes that radiate the people who wear them. Urban people who enjoy life in the cities, the crowded streets and constant sounds that seem to come from everywhere. Who choose to wear Bend-it, is because they add to this feeling of happiness.

They want Bend-it to be more than a shoe to its owners. Bend-it must be an exceptional added value to their appearance, while wearing them is a joy to the eye and the feet. An overall package of comfort, practicality, beauty and funky looks.

Bend-it shoes stand for durability and quality. We take care of this in every part of the proces. Our leather comes from Italy and is made with the greatest care for the environment. Production is done in Portugal by out lovely and qualitative team. There is no child labour in any of our business processes and our shoes are made to lest a long long time and to comfort you through night of dancing or days of walking while exploring new cities.

Anke and Inge have a unique way of exploring the world. Constantly they question existing systems, objects, items and issues about their ‘raison d’être’. When they believe they can improve something, they recreate and redesign it. So it happened with shoes.

"We saw the possibilities for a better shoe and designed Bend-it. Now it’s up to the urban crowd to discover the added values of Bend-it." Once you have felt the exceptional comfort, looked at the funky design, experienced the adventurous way of wearing and noticed the admiring looks you get while wearing Bend-it, there is no doubt that you will enjoy wearing them.

Bend-it shoes can still be ordered. On average it takes about three weeks to deliver them. All shoes are handmade on request.

Product Groups: Casual Wear, Leatherwear, Shoes, Footwear, Streetwear
Markets: Women's, Men's

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