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Chi Siamo "SPROX"

SPROX fits in today’s market as a comfortable footwear brand offering trendy, yet accessible fashion. The world of high fashion and designer shoes is not everyday life. It feels very remote from what most people actually like to wear. Then again, people do like trends. We all like to dress in style. Everybody loves a fine touch of fashion, without the…

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SPROX Footwear News

A digital walk through the SPROX S21 collection!

giovedì, 02 lug 2020 / Oudenaarde • Belgium

SPROX Trend Forecast

SPROX highlight at Micam Milano!

martedì, 25 feb 2020 / Oudenaarde • Belgium

SPROX Trade Show Update

Visit SPROX at Micam Milano!

mercoledì, 12 feb 2020 / Milano • Italy

SPROX Footwear News

This was Sprox at Expo Riva Schuh!

martedì, 21 gen 2020 / Oudenaarde • Belgium

SPROX Trade Show Stand

Visit Sprox at Expo Riva Schuh!

sabato, 11 gen 2020 – martedì, 14 gen 2020 Tutto il giorno / Riva del GardaItaly

SPROX Trade Show Stand

Visit Sprox at Micam!

domenica, 16 feb 2020 – mercoledì, 19 feb 2020 Tutto il giorno / RhoItaly

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