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Chi Siamo "Leomil"

For over 50 years we've created and strategically built up licensed and branded footwear products for kids of all ages, teens and adults. We are a global leader in brand, character and entertainment licensing. Our universal knowledge and awareness of trends, enables us to act fast and be first to market. We provide our customers with the latest footwear…

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Leomil Footwear News

Get inspired by the Leomil S21 collection!

giovedì, 02 lug 2020 / Oudenaarde • Belgium

Leomil Trade Show Update

Leomil at Micam

lunedì, 24 feb 2020

Leomil Trade Show Update

Visit Leomil at Micam Milano!

mercoledì, 12 feb 2020 / Milano • Italy

Leomil Trade Show Stand

Meet Leomil at Micam Milan!

domenica, 16 feb 2020 – mercoledì, 19 feb 2020 Tutto il giorno / RhoItaly

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